About The Billy Clinic

The original clinic opened in 2004 providing primary care medical services to the local population of Cape MacClear.

For the majority of the population this was their first opportunity to access medical treatment for their illnesses. Opening at eight every morning, staffed by a doctor and three nurses, the clinic was from day one extremely busy.

Patients travelled for many miles to see the doctor and receive treatment and medication and soon it became apparent that an in-patient facility would greatly improve the patient care provided.

Depending totally on fundraising activities to survive the decision to build a further facility added considerably to the annual budget and also added further pressure to recruit more volunteers to staff the new facility. However with generosity of people in Ireland and the US the in patient facility opened in 2007.

Today the clinic operates7 days a week on a 24 hour basis and has a number of permanent staff alongside the volunteer doctors and nurses who come for periods of up to six months. There is an ambulance available to transport patients to a larger hospital if necessary but we can offer some surgical procedures.

The Trust also employs and trains more than 32 local people including patient care attendants, laboratory assistants, translators, counsellors, administrative staff, kitchen, laundry, gardeners and security staff.

We at the clinic are always seeking ways to improve the services which we offer. A small operating theatre is being built to enable visiting surgeons to work with us for short periods of time.

March has brought quite a change of volunteers yet again