The staff at the ‘Billy’ clinic comprises of both  local salaried staff and volunteer staff.

The medical Director is Dr Jeannette Van Os. Dr Van Os is a Dutch doctor and has been with the clinic since 2005. There are generally three / four volunteer doctors working with Dr Van Os.

Nurse Sheila Byrne- Harte is from Kilkenny. Ms Byrne-Harte joined the clinic in 2008.  Nurse Aidan Foley from Co Sligo and Project Managers Steve Free from U.K. and Elaine Cosgrave from Co Kildare are also longterm volunteers with the Trust. There are usually three / four volunteer nurses and  one or two administrative staff volunteers also on placement with the Trust.

Local salaried staff include HTC counsellors, Laboratory Technicians, Administrative Staff, Patient Care Attendants, Translators, Maintenance persons, Cooks  and Security Staff. Current number of local staff is 32.  

March has brought quite a change of volunteers yet again