School Sponsorship

Believing that the advancement and development of any nation is dependent on the qulkity and availability of education The Trust, as an organisation, seeks people who are willing to sponsor young Malawians at second and tertiary level education. Primary school in Malawi is free however second level schooling is extremely costly. As a result 7% of males and 5% of females receive second level education. The Secondary School programme is a four year cycle.

The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust sponsors students from Cape Maclear. The students attend several schools throughout the country as boarding pupils. There is a small secondary school in Cape Maclear but it considerably underfunded and under staffed. Sponsorship for pupils is organised on an annual basis and sponsors receive a photograph, letters and end of term reports from their individual student through the Trust. The cost of sponsoring a student is U.S.$1200 per year payable in three instalments. Payments are made to the Trust account and all monies for education are paid to the pupil through the Trust office in Malawi. The academic year begins in September and is completed in June. Bearing in mind that the vast majority of young people in Malawi have no access to funds for their education this  payment covers fees ,uniform ,books pocket money, transport and medical care .A representative of the Trust visits the schools on a regular basis and monitors the progress of the students. Students who fail to perform or do not furnish end of term reports and receipts are not returned to school the following term.

Sponsorship of a student may be done by an individual or by a group. The student is selected from the village and contact between student and sponsor can be made at any time either directly or through the Trust. To date the Trust has sponsored seven students who have completed degree courses at the University of Malawi .At present the Trust has  five students studying at secondary school and one student who has completed entrance examinations for a university course which will commence shortly.

If you would like to sponsor a student from Cape Maclear please contact us.
March has brought quite a change of volunteers yet again